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A digital therapeutic program to aid the physical health of people with cancer.

How it can help

Almost everyone with cancer experiences challenges to their physical health that are in addition to the cancer. Cerena™ provides resources to help you manage your physical health conveniently located on your smartphone or tablet, as a means to build resiliency to stress and improve health outcomes.

How to use cerena™

The science behind it

Scientific studies have demonstrated that people can take steps to improve their control of their physical health, even when dealing with serious illnesses such as cancer. Cerena™ was designed to guide you in managing your physical health as a part of your overall health journey.

How to get it

Cerena™ is available to patients today, but only by prescription from your doctor. Due to COVID-19, the FDA recognizes that cancer patients are struggling now more than ever. Their recent guidance enables the immediate release of cerena™, while it is also being studied in clinical trials. If you’re still receiving medical treatment for your cancer, you can use cerena™ at the same time.